Ming’s Chamber

A home-grown brand offering an amazing and stimulating experience for the Asian food lover.

Ming’s Chamber
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About The Brand

A homegrown brand, Ming's Chamber ́s extraordinary Asian cuisine is a remarkable journey through time. Inspired by the imperial lineage of the Mings – a formidable dynasty that significantly shaped culture, arts, music, and literature of the mainland and its allied regions, Ming’s Chamber initiates the diner into their culinary philosophy that celebrated food as the foundation to sustain and conserve health.

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Ming's Chamber offers a fun, fuss-free, stimulating culinary experience for the ardent Asian food lover – employing portion sizes that enable hassle-free ordering and sharing of several dishes. The Noodle Bar section, besides house specialties, offers ample customisation of the bowl – highlighting individual preferences with the freshest ingredients, broths, and side options.

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